Positively Dog Training in Southwest Orlando

Hello and Welcome! Training your dog is so much more than just getting her to respond to your cues. It’s about opening up a communication channel between you and your dog, learning from each other, and figuring out how to coexist without driving each other batty. As a dog owner, I know that I want my dogs to be happy. I also want them to listen to me when I have something to “tell” them, so they can stay safe, out of trouble, and to have fun. My dogs, too, have their own wants: they want to feel and be safe, to make sure the humans in the family understand their needs and meet them, and they want to be happy, too.

Contacting a dog trainer and canine behavior specialist will enable you to achieve this- and so much more. Your trainer will actually be your training coach. You will learn how your dog thinks so that you can teach them what they need to learn. You will also learn how to read your dog so that you can meet their needs, and you will be left with the tools that enable you to continue this communication throughout your dog’s life.

It’s a fun road that takes your commitment and time, and like everything else that does, it is so very, very worthwhile.

Welcome! Get ready to have fun and to see your dog like you’ve never seen her before!

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5 Reasons To Choose VSPDT
  • All VSPDT trainers have been chosen by and worked personally with Victoria.
  • VSPDT's are the most accomplished, professional dog trainers world-wide
  • VSPDT's can help with any issue using only positive, science-based methods.
  • VSPDT's never use pain or fear when working with dogs.
  • VSPDT's teach effective canine communication skills to achieve lasting results.


Nancee & Hal
Windermere, FL

"My humans and I are much happier after meeting Lorena!"

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Brendan & Kelly
Orlando, FL

"Inside two visits Sadi was a changed dog."

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Windermere, FL

"Lorena is a master at what she does."

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