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Laura (Chase), Windermere, FL

The Wonderful Mr. Chase.

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Lorena of Waggers Dog Training for my 3 month old puppy, Chase. Chase is an energetic little puppy that had no problem fitting it our lively home of 2 adults and 4 excited children. Chase did, however, quickly begin to think he ran our pack. Within a week, biting and growling had been a common theme with the children. My veterinarian warned that Chase was showing signs of becoming an overly aggressive dog. He suggested making Chase submit to me and “show him I was the boss” by holding on his stomach while clamping his mouth shut with my hands and that it was imperative that my children to the same. Needless to say we were devastated.

I decided to do some research and found Waggers Dog Training. Upon our first visit Lorena made me feel at ease with Chase and within 2 weeks Chase was a different dog. Lorena is a master at what she does. Quite simply she speaks the language of the animal and gets the job done through positive reinforcement. Oh, and my vet that gave me my outdated advice on animal submission, he ended up asking me who I used to train my puppy! Many, many thanks to Waggers for helping our family bring a happy and healthy puppy into our home!

Rollo, 5 month-old Jack Russell Terrier

Lorena coaching Hal and Rollo.

My humans and I are much happier after meeting Lorena!  I’m Rollo, a 5-month old Jack Russell Terrier, whom Lorena drove 45 minutes each way more than a half-dozen times just for me.  Her expertise with my kind taught my people how to get the most from high-strung JRTs like me.  Her soft disposition and gentle methods worked where that TV canine talker’s strict ways didn’t.  I’ve been through doggie classes and had other teachers, and Waggers’ Lorena gets 5-Paws out of 5!  I thank you on behalf of my human parents for all you did for me, and I miss you more than 10 pounds of roast beef!

Owners Nancee and Hal, Windermere, FL

Kathy (Tobie), Orlando, FL


Toby enjoying the Florida Sunshine

I contacted Lorena for help with my dog Tobie after my family and I had basically become desperate to find a solution to his behavior problems. Tobie was rescued from a squalid puppy mill that was the only home he had ever known for all six years of his life. He was kept in a wire cage, outside, suspended above the ground. The owner pressure washed the cages with the dogs inside to clean rather than let the dogs out to use the bathroom. As a result, Tobie was fearful of just about everything. He barked incessantly and attempted to bite everyone that approached with the exception of myself, his primary caregiver. I was the only one he trusted and I quickly became very attached to him. My family, however, felt differently. We couldn’t have people over and my son had to be constantly on his guard about being bitten. Tobie was especially fearful of my husband and would bark whenever he saw him. It was unbearable.

Lorena arrived and within two visits, Tobie began to show dramatic improvement. She demonstrated to us that our attempts at training, were actually making the behaviors worse. Her clicker training worked a small miracle in my opinion. Today Tobie is a playful, happy dog who loves his walks and enjoys having people around him. He is loving and a wonderful addition to our family. While it’s true we have to constantly reinforce his learned behavior and he does backslide occasionally, he’s come a long way in the year we have had him. We couldn’t have done it without Lorena, and I highly recommend her services.

Adriana (Zuko), Windermere, FL

Lorena came to our rescue when our 40 lb. puppy was entering his adolescent phase. He is a bright standard schnauzer, full of energy.

Lorena REALLY knows what she is doing; she can really communicate with dogs! It is amazing! In addition to the puppy, we have 3 mini-schnauzers and they also learned from her.

Patience is Lorena’s last name; one must be and remain calm when dealing with pets in order to be able to communicate well. She will show you how it’s done and she will teach you – the consistency of the training is up to you. It is doable – very much so. Rather than teaching your pet to do “tricks” you will learn how to interpret clues as to understand what they are trying to “say”.

Better than the “old school” style, you will never feel as if the dog/dogs fear you; they will start doing things to please you and at the same time they will be rewarded. It is a win-win situation.

Kelly and Brendan (Sadi), Orlando, FL


Sadi taking a break with her ice cream squeaky toy.

When Sadi was a year and a half old we moved into our new home. By this time I had already come to terms with the fact that the small boxer had more energy and resistance to anything I could teach her than I would ever be able to overcome. She was a great dog; affectionate and full of personality but had a will of her own that I couldn’t curb with a newspaper or harsh language. 

At our new home Lorena arrived inside the first week like Mary Poppins. We were told that just because the dog isn’t a puppy any longer doesn’t mean that she isn’t going through her rebellious teenage years. And while a dog wants to be able to please and do everything you ask, it’s first important to know just how a dog’s mind works. 

Inside two visits Sadi was a changed dog. I found that rewarding a dog for her behavior seemed to gain her attention and helped her retain so much more than when I was chasing her outside with a newspaper. 

As someone who has had dogs most of my life, I was amazed at how little I knew when it came to understanding how the canine mind works. For eight weeks of basic training I watched as Lorena helped us transform this dog into a respectable part of the family. 

Today Sadi is almost three years old, still full of will and personality and not as gentle as she should be with the cats, but she is well behaved. Some of her qualities can be attributed to the breed of dog, but the best part of her behavior is straight from Lorena’s methods of teaching us how to get her to listen and making her understand what we expect of her. 

The funniest thing I learned from Lorena was that dogs are at their best when they know what is expected of them. And they can be quite happy just being the dog. 

Fortunately for us, with Lorena’s help, Sadi has definitely grown into more than that.

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